Sigurd Skirbekks Hjemmeside

Sigurd Skirbekks Hjemmeside

Articles on Cultural Analysis

An Inauthentic Understanding of Consciousness and Culture
  • (From chapters VIII and IX - Sigurd N. Skirbekk: Psychoanalysis and Self-Understanding. A Critique of Naturalistic Interpretation of Man, Duquesne University press, Pittsburgh 1976)

Codes, ideologies and markets, unrational mechanisms for cultural selection

Dialogue: Key to bridge a divide (Innlegg i, 05.02.2006)

“Crisis of sociology” – and consequences for an adequate understanding of contemporary cultural conflicts (Journal of Sociology. (Sosiologisk Tidsskrift) Universitetsforlaget, Oslo, No. 3,  2008,  pp. 281-291.)

”The Other´s Image: Real and False Fear in Arab-European Relations”. - Artikkel i den arabiske antologien Imaging The Arab Other How Arabs an Non-Arabs View Each Other. Ed. Tahar Labib, Hammamet 2008

"Ideologies, Myths, Belief Systems: Tools for Analyzing Culture" (Comparative Civilizations Review No. 63 Fall 2010. pp 7-18.)

A Dysfunctional Culture - Why New Liberalism cannot solve Challenges ahead of us.